JSound can be used to validate any JSON or TYSON instance. Validation gives a simple yes or no answer, or an error.


JSound can be used to output an annotated TYSON instance, where all values are marked with the type they are valid against. The TYSON instance can be used or shared with others for further processing.


JSound supports a simplified syntax that mimics the looks of a JSON instance and is very easy to learn, use and interpret as a human. A JSound schema is not a big boolean formula, but is a set of type declarations.


JSound was designed with a very clean model and type hierarchy. For example, the value space of a subtype is always a subset of its supertype.


JSound is compatible with, and not tied to any programming language: Python, Java, ... The annotated TYSON instance can be mapped to the type system of any language.

Building on the shoulders of giants

JSound is largely inspired by the popular XML Schema standard, embracing its best ideas while following the simplicity mindset of JSON.


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